Rune Like Hell: Diablo 2 Items Runewords Mini-Guide

Runes are important Diablo 2 items that turn ordinary socketed weapons and armor into special and powerful ones called runewords.  Highly sought after for the power they bring, players have been using them as currency for trading, as gold has a cap and therefore cannot be used for really rare

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Barbarian Tribes Hunts for Diablo 2 Items

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The Barbarian tribes’ origins lie in a time before recorded history of hunting Diablo 2 Items. It is written in the Scéal Fada that it was Bul-Kathos and Fiacla-Géar who agreed that in order to safeguard the Worldstone, their people would have to devote the entirety of their lives to

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Diablo 3 Items: Patch 2.4.2 and the Nerfhammer

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Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs everywhere! It’s as if Blizzard took to heart D.Va’s ult but applied it to Diablo 3 instead. The recent patch, 2.4.2, has just gone live and there are tons of changes to each and every class in Diablo 3 that have either effectively weakened them to a

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