Diablo 3 Items: Patch 2.4.2 and the Nerfhammer

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Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs everywhere! It’s as if Blizzard took to heart D.Va’s ult but applied it to Diablo 3 instead. The recent patch, 2.4.2, has just gone live and there are tons of changes to each and every class in Diablo 3 that have either effectively weakened them to a

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Become a Built for Speed Monk for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

The Monk in Diablo 3 is often used for melee specialized builds. Diablo 3 items collectors however can make the most of the monk by using the Speed of Lightning Ninja build for this class. Created by DemonCoyote, this build will hit your enemies in the fast, hard and fast. Like

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