Become a Built for Speed Monk for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

The Monk in Diablo 3 is often used for melee specialized builds. Diablo 3 items collectors however can make the most of the monk by using the Speed of Lightning Ninja build for this class. Created by DemonCoyote, this build will hit your enemies in the fast, hard and fast. Like

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[Act 2] How to Defeat the Lord of Lies for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

Can’t figure out how to finish Act 2 because you can’t defeat the infamous Lord of Lies? Don’t worry; we’ve got a guide for you Diablo 3 items collectors! Belial appears during the final quest on the second act, and the fight is divided into three phases. It starts immediately after

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Let’s Play Diablo 3 – Act 2 Part 7 for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

The next thing to do on Diablo 3 is a short quest called Blood and Sand. For this quest, you will have to retrieve Zoltun Kulle’s blood. Find out more about this quest for your Diablo 3 items collectors in the article below. Blood and Sand Quest for Diablo 3 Items Collectors Shortly after doing

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