[Act 2] How to Defeat the Lord of Lies for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

Can’t figure out how to finish Act 2 because you can’t defeat the infamous Lord of Lies? Don’t worry; we’ve got a guide for you Diablo 3 items collectors! Belial appears during the final quest on the second act, and the fight is divided into three phases. It starts immediately after

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Let’s Play Diablo 3 – Act 2 Part 7 for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

The next thing to do on Diablo 3 is a short quest called Blood and Sand. For this quest, you will have to retrieve Zoltun Kulle’s blood. Find out more about this quest for your Diablo 3 items collectors in the article below. Blood and Sand Quest for Diablo 3 Items Collectors Shortly after doing

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