Zone of the Rogue Encampment in Hunting Diablo 2 Items

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The Rogue Encampment is the starting location in Diablo II, where you undertake your goal of attempting to catch up with Diablo while having the goal to get Diablo 2 Items before he frees his brothers and Hell is unleashed on Sanctuary as the Prophecy foretells.

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The Rogue Encampment is a makeshift town located right next to the Blood Moor. As its name designates, it is the camp set up by the survivors of the battle at the Rogue Monastery. The Rogue Monastery was attacked by the forces of Hell in an effort by Diablo to create a stronghold on Sanctuary against the forces of Heaven, and destroy opposing mortals, as the Sisters of the Sightless Eye had.

Encampment Raid for D2 Items

Many rogues died or were corrupted by the evil and started roaming the countryside along with other tainted creatures and demons. Such rogues include Bloodraven (the Rogue heroine from Diablo I), Coldcrow and Andariel (who took over the body of a Rogue and transformed).

Outside the encampment there is a vacated house and stable. Though many of the Sisterhood perished in the battle at the Monastery, fortunately many of the crucial members of the sisterhood survived, including:

  • Akara – High Priestess of the Sisterhood (Healing and Trade services for spellcasters)
  • Charsi – The blacksmith of the Order (Trade and Repair services)
  • Flavie – One of the elite scouts (Located at the entrance to the Cold Plains).
  • Kashya – Captain of the Rogue archers (Hires out/Resurrects Mercenaries

A few other helpful travelers also live in the camp:

  • Warriv – Caravan trader (Travel East – provides passage to Lut Gholein in Act II)
  • Gheed – Merchant with a lust for money (Trade and Gambling services)
  • Deckard Cain – Horadrim sage (Identify Items)

Questing in the Encampment for Diablo 2 Items

There are six quests to be found and/or completed within the Rogue Encampment:

  • Den of Evil
  • Sisters’ Burial Grounds
  • The Search for Cain
  • The Forgotten Tower
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Sisters to the Slaughter

The following quest is available for this area which can be rewarding for your D2 Items hunter if completed. This zone can be the place where you can grind items as you gain level.

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