Boss Hunt: Duriel haunts the Ground for Diablo 2 Items

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Duriel is the boss of Act II of Diablo II. He is located in Tal Rasha’s Chamber, which can be accessed after using the Horadric Staff on the orifice found in the real Tal Rasha’s Tomb. Upon entering the Chamber as you hunt for Diablo 2 Items, players immediately encounter Duriel, who yells, “looking for Baal?”

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Duriel’s Ability against Hunters of D2 Items

Duriel is extremely fast despite his size, and is exceedingly strong as well. He has an aura around him (Holy Freeze, which can be learned by Paladin as well) that periodically freezes the player and any mercenaries, slowing movement speed. The combination of his freezing aura in addition to his speed and strength make Duriel a difficult boss to conquer. It should be noted that Holy Freeze is not affected by Cold Resistance or Cannot Be Frozen and Thawing Potions won’t offer any protection either. Although a Paladin can use Holy Freeze as well, slowing Duriel down too.

Duriel can be considered a very hard boss due to the fact that there is no exit in his room. As soon as players enter his chamber, they are confronted by Duriel with the only option of escape being Town Portal scrolls. As said before, Duriel’s speed and freezing aura make it hard to outrun him, and his room is small in comparison to the other End Act Bosses’ chambers. After the players kill Duriel the first time, on second playthrough they can lure Duriel to the big chamber for more room to fight him.

Facing Duriel with Minions for D2 Items

It’s wise to bring as many minions as possible and a mercenary in order to buy you some time as you face Duriel to hunt for D2 Items. Though it usually only takes a few swipes (sometimes just one) for Duriel to kill any minion or mercenary, it should at least give you enough time to open a Town Portal. Using Cold attacks against Duriel will slow him down significantly. If possible, attack from range, though Barbarians, Paladins and other melee classes will probably have to face Duriel in close combat.

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