Baal’s Conquest in Hunting Diablo 2 Items

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Baal’s early existence was much like that of his fellow brothers and hunters of Diablo 2 Items, Diablo and Mephisto—an endless battle with the forces of Heaven. He never got tired of it, partly because he never exhausted all the opportunities for wanton destruction.

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One rare exception where Baal worked with his brothers was the Fifth Battle of the Diamond Gates. However, determined to be the sole ruler of Heaven and Hell, Diablo turned on his brothers, costing the Primes their chance at victory.

The Dark Exile for Diablo 2 Items

Baal and his brothers had kept Sanctuary’s existence a secret from the Lesser Evils, and that had driven a wedge between them. That they continued to be interested in Man’s potential after the Sin War did not sit well also and the Lesser Evils rose up in rebellion. Baal and his brothers were banished into Sanctuary in what became known as the Dark Exile. In truth, this was a plan on the Primes’ part to corrupt the Worldstone and corrupt humanity. While Baal and his brothers were free to wreak havoc for a few decades, their presence came to be discovered by the archangel Tyrael, who formed the Horadrim to find and capture the three brothers.

Both Baal and Diablo journeyed west across the Twin Seas to the deserts of Aranoch. Baal took refuge in the city of Lut Gholein while the Horadrim patiently waited. After three days, Baal fled north, the Horadrim in close pursuit. In the end, Baal stood his ground, directing his powers of destruction against the Horadrim. However, they would not be swayed. Over the course of battle, the Soulstone meant to contain Baal was destroyed—some say by Baal himself, others that the Horadrim (particularly Zoltun Kulle) had handled it poorly and this led to it breaking.

Facing Baal in Hunting D2 Items

The Lord of Destruction is almost spider-like in his appearance. When confronted in Diablo II, Baal moves on four insectoid legs. Compared to his brother Diablo, Baal still retains some humanoid features, most likely from his inhabiting of Tal Rasha’s body. Granted, it is only his upper torso, which is pale, emaciated, and skeletal. Most likely one of the most recognizable traits of Baal is his Festering Appendages, tentacles that manifest in various places on his body. In battle, Baal summons these from the ground to impede the player’s path.

Once you killed this demon you can now get the D2 items that you need or you can sell D2 Items to other players as well.

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