The Hunt for Justice with Tyrael for Diablo 2 Items

One such engagement was in battle against demon forces led by Diablo himself. The Lord of Terror was captured, with Tyrael and Auriel pointing out that holding him captive would serve their cause better than slaying the demon outright, knowing that he would return. However, Imperius carried out his own form of justice regardless, slaying the Lord of Terror.

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As the Archangel of Justice and the guardian of hunters of D2 Items, Tyrael participated in the Great Conflict, and his exploits in battle became the stuff of legend. According to Imperius, he and Tyrael saved each other’s lives countless times during the conflict. Off the battlefield, he administered the Courts of Justice.

Sin War and Tyrael for D2 Items

In the course of the Sin War, Heaven would come to discover what Hell had already done so—Sanctuary. A world created by rogue angels and demons led by Lilith and Inarius. A world inhabited by the race of Men—beings descended from the nephalem, who had been brought into the world through the coupling of angels and demons. Venturing into the world, Tyrael spirited away Achilios, telling him that he had need of him. He forced him to target his Edyrem comrades including their leader Uldyssian, seeing them as key threats and unnatural blights upon the face of Creation. Achilios managed to refuse however, surprising Tyrael. He later convinced the edyrem that Uldyssian had been possessed by Malic.

Surveying the situation, Tyrael was satisfied. Despite earlier considerations, he would not have these “abominations” allying with Heaven. They had to be eliminated due to the threat their inherent powers posed. And with the edyrem fragmented, Sanctuary’s potential defenders would not be able to stand against his justice.

Heaven’s Host for Diablo 2 Items

Tyrael was among the Heavenly Host who descended upon the world, meeting in battle with the Edyrem and the Demonic Hordes themselves for Diablo 2 Items. Uldyssian, realizing that his growing power risked the destruction of the world, sacrificed himself to end the battle, saving Sanctuary, all those he loved, and perhaps most importantly of all, his own humanity. It was an act that touched Tyrael and swayed his heart—he had called these beings abominations. Yet no abomination would have made such a sacrifice as Uldyssian had.

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