What Happens to Your Diablo 3 Items at End Season?

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Season 6 is almost at its end in Diablo 3 and this is pretty much the most important part of the experience. Unfortunately, there are tons of new players out there that haven’t ever experienced what it’s like to witness the end of a season and a lot of them may be caught unaware.

blizzard, Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Items, diablo 3 sets, Guide, Items, News, Opinion, Tips, season 6, season 7, end 2

Below you’ll find what usually occurs to your gear, progression, and overall character status. It’s a full overview of what to expect at the end of Season 6 and what to do to prepare for the upcoming seventh season.

Diablo 3 Items: The Season Rollover

Those who have played through a few Seasons know there has been no shortage of gold, Diablo 3 sets, or Paragon levels to earn. So do we just lose all of this? Heck no! You keep ’em all!

  • Heroes
    • Seasonal heroes will be converted to either non-Seasonal Normal or Hardcore mode heroes, as appropriate. There’s no need to delete any characters to make room for them; your Seasonal heroes will continue to use the same slot they currently occupy in your roster after the rollover. You’ll also be able to use Season Rebirth to convert any non-seasonal character into a Seasonal, level-one character once the next Season begins.
  • Gold
    • Any gold you earn during the Season will transfer to your non-Seasonal heroes.
  • Paragon Experience
    • The total amount of Paragon experience earned is the amount that rolls over, not your raw total amount of Paragon levels gained.
    • For example, if your Seasonal heroes reached Paragon 300, but your current non-Seasonal heroes are already Paragon 400, your new non-Seasonal Paragon level will still be less than Paragon 700 since higher Paragon levels take more experience to earn.
  • Blood Shards
    • Similar to gold, any Blood Shards you have available at the end of the Season will transfer to your non-Seasonal heroes.
    • If your non-Seasonal heroes are currently at the Blood Shard cap, any Blood Shards you earn once the Season ends will temporarily ignore the cap. You can spend these at your leisure; however, note that you cannot pick up any additional Blood Shards until you are below your current cap.
  • Items
    • Diablo 3 items that are currently equipped on a hero or in that hero’s inventory will stay on that hero as it moves to a non-Seasonal game mode.
    • Items that are in your Seasonal stash will be sent through the in-game mail system to your non-Seasonal heroes. These items can be claimed by any non-Seasonal hero up to 30 days from the time you first log in after the Season ends.  To access these Diablo 3 items, enter a game and hit the Mail icon located in the lower-left corner of your screen to open up your inbox.
  • Artisan Progress and Recipes
    • If your Seasonal Artisans are a higher level than your non-Seasonal Artisans at the end of the Season, their level will transfer to your non-Seasonal Artisans.
    • Any recipes you have on your Seasonal Artisans that are not available to your non-Seasonal Artisans will be transferred as well.
  • Shared Stash
    • Any Shared Stash slots or tabs you purchase during a Season that are not currently available to your non-Seasonal heroes will be transferred accordingly.
  • Achievements
    • Any achievements or achievement progress made during the Season is automatically applied to your non-Seasonal achievement profile. This happens in real time and does not require the Season to end first. Your achievement point total is also updated appropriately throughout the Season.
  • Season 6 Rewards
    • All players who reach level 70 on a hero in Season 6 will unlock exclusive leg and boot transmogrification appearances. These appearances will unlock immediately upon hitting level 70 on a Seasonal hero, and will be available on Seasonal and non-Seasonal heroes alike (even before the Season concludes). To access your new appearances, simply visit Miriam the Mystic and open the Transmogrification tab.
    • In addition, players can earn portrait frames and an exclusive pet for completing various chapters of the Season Journey.


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