Diablo 3 Sets: New Season, New Look

A deep gaming experience – that’s what Diablo 3 always strives to provide. But for a change, the game will be giving players a chance to change what’s on the surface. Because a few months back since Patch 2.4.1, it has become all about cosmetic items, which seem like bigger and more important news than the upcoming Diablo 3 sets.

Before the update, there weren’t a lot of cosmetic items. Sure, there were already pets, wings, and other transmog items, but they’re more like special items that were only given as rewards for buying a collector’s edition item or a Blizzcon ticket. But in this update, these kinds of items have gone into the circulation. And they’re not difficult to obtain, as they can be obtained from bosses, goblins, and Mysterious Chests.

Diablo 3 Sets Or These Cosmetic Items? You Decide

As what their names suggest, these kinds of items, unlike Diablo 3 sets or Diablo 3 item sets, do not grant any attribute bonuses, skill upgrades, or new skills. But if so, then why are people finding it to be a very welcome addition to the game? Because they help players give their characters a look that is uniquely theirs; never in the history of the game did players have this much freedom and this many possibilities when it comes to deciding the aesthetic aspect of their avatar. Check out these few examples:


These skull-printed monarch butterfly wings called as Wings of Kokabiel, which is only dropped by the uber version of Maghda. Seems cool, doesn’t it? If you seem to disagree, then that’s ok, because like what’s been previously said, there are many other looks you can choose from.


Maybe you prefer to look like a Medieval-esque Terran Space Marine, complete with jet-black armor and a really awesome axe?


And just like these equippable cosmetic items, pets also give your character more uniqueness and personality. I mean, just look at that scary-looking mini-hellspawn!


But if that’s not your thing, then what do you think of a young biped cow that’s holding a spear? Pretty crazy, huh? Either way, it’s really up to you.

In this patch, it seems like looking for Diablo 3 sets or Diablo 3 armor sets has been put to the backburner, ‘cause we’ll be looking for these items first. So, are you ready to be fabulous in season 6 of Sanctuary’s next top model, I mean Diablo 3? I’m sure you are.

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