Diablo 3 Items: What’s Happening with Diablo 3?

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Nothing! That’s what’s happening with Diablo 3! It’s been a good 2 years since Reaper of Souls was released and, apart from a few major content patches, Blizzard’s been very quiet on the Diablo 3 front. They’ve got a lot of projects going on, most especially notable are WoW’s next expansion, Legion, and the crazily popular Overwatch.

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It’s been said that Diablo 3’s original development team have parted ways already, some moving on to other companies, and others were assigned to different projects within Blizzard. It’s pretty obvious from the state of the game right now that, while Diablo 3 is, indeed, being taken care of, it’s done only by a skeleton crew keeping the game balanced and updated.

Diablo 3 Items: Much Ado About Nothing

The size of the crew clearly indicates that there’s no large project being created for Diablo 3 at the moment other than a few job listings on Blizzard’s website. At the moment, it is currently unknown and it certainly is far from any kind of presentability due to the fact that Blizzard did not introduce anything Diablo-related in the last E3.

It certainly doesn’t bode well for Diablo 3 items addicted gamers, but perhaps we’ll see a future for Diablo 4 instead. Besides, Diablo 3 still has its seasons and absurd replayability due to the nature of its content. It does, however, make one wonder if it’s going the same way as Diablo 2 where it received only a single expansion and nothing more for years to come.

Or perhaps Blizzard’s priorities are simply on other projects at the moment. There’s no real need to speculate about their prioritization, actually, because it’s already quite obvious with the marketing for the fantastic Overwatch and the much anticipated WoW expansion, Legion.

Until then, it seems best that folks just go nuts with Diablo 3 as it is now, much like how people are with Diablo 2 at present. There really isn’t anything we can do about it.

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