Diablo 3 Items: The One Punch Monk

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There’s a little monk build going around the community lately that is said to be one of the best, if not the best, diablo 3 monk sets to exist as of now. As the name implies, you basically Saitama everything in tier 7-10 of the current Diablo 3 build.

Unfortunately, this setup requires some decent Diablo 3 Items and diablo 3 sets to begin with. To be specific, you have to have access to full Ancient gear for the build, so you can’t exactly use it if you’re still progressing.

The purpose of the One Punch Monk build is to speed clear EVERYTHING. Your primary skill is basically going to be Wave of Light (WoL) that will, in essence, one-shot all mobs and even bosses with the right Diablo 3 Items.

Diablo 3 Items: The Video Guide for One Punch Monk

The key concept of the build is just to dash around the maps and Wave of Light-ing everything as you pick up the loot. Your stats should be sufficient enough for this if you’ve followed the video guide above to the letter. It might be a bit difficult to farm for all the pieces, but it certainly is going to be worth it due to the tons of items and gold you’ll be able to farm at the shortest span of time.

diablo 3, Diablo 3 Items, diablo 3 monk sets, diablo 3 sets, one punch monk, Quinsane, guide, tips, opinion 1

It’s in my opinion that there certainly is no other build I’d rather be using on my monk than the One Punch Monk. It’s fast, effective, and has a huge payoff once you are able to muster the proper gear for it. But, again, the hard part is actually getting there in the first place. The ancient set and other Diablo 3 Items aren’t exactly the most forgiving when it comes to RNG. But if you do manage to wrestle the items from the jaws of RNGesus, consider yourself lucky and continue on to using that build.

Not only will this make you personally rich, but this method is great for preparing other characters’ gear that you’re trying to set up. Props to Quinsane for figuring this out!

You can find his guide here.

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