Season 5 Is Ending: What About My Heroes and Diablo 3 Gold?

diablo 3 gold season 5

Once again, another season of Diablo 3 is coming to a close. For a lot of players, especially those who are having too much fun, or those who have already made an impressive character and amassed a lot of items and Diablo 3 Gold, it’s going to be a bummer, as they’ll be saying adieu to their beloved heroes.

But this time, as Season 5 ends, things are going to be different. Here are the changes Blizzard will be implementing in this season finale.

diablo 3 gold season 5

Keep Your Heroes and Items…

Unlike past seasons, players will now get to keep their seasonal hero, as it will become either a non-seasonal normal or Hardcore, depending on the player’s choice. If a player no longer has any slots left for normal heroes, there is no need to make room for the formerly seasonal hero, as it will occupy the same slot. And by using Season Rebirth, you can turn any of your non-Seasonal heroes to a level one hero that’s ready to take on the new season’s challenges.

Aside from being able to keep hero itself, all of its items, be it those in the inventory or those equipped to it, will be retained. The items will be sent via the in-game mail system, and must be claimed within 30 days your first login after the season closes.

Paragon Experience and Achievements

Paragon Experience will roll over to your non-seasonal heroes. Do note that it is the total amount Paragon Experience gained, not the number of Levels, which will be transferred.  Achievements and Achievement progress  your Seasonal hero was able to reach will also be put to your non-Seasonal achievement profile.

Diablo 3 Gold And Many Others

You will also get to keep all of the D3 gold your seasonal hero earned once the season ends. Blood shards, too, will be transferred. And even if your non-seasonal heroes already have capped Blood Shards, the cap will be temporarily ignored, giving you the freedom to spend them. However, you won’t be able to acquire more Blood Shards.

A season’s ending is always bittersweet. But this time around, you’re going to have a lot of souvenirs with you from your adventures in fighting hordes of evil. Neat, isn’t it?

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