Diablo 3 Items Hunting The Right And Fast Way

diablo 3 items hunting

For a lot of Diablo 3 players, the line has been blurred on what their aim in the game truly is. Is it about killing hordes of evil so I can get better Diablo 3 items? Or is it about gaining better items so I can kill more hordes of evil? Well, whatever you think the goal is, there is still the inescapable fact that you’re going to have to do a lot of farming in order to have better gear. However, it takes more than just going to a particular map and killing all the hordes there. Farming is an art, and to do good art you need knowledge. And with that, here are a few generic farming tips.

Hunt for Diablo 3 Items At Nephalem Rifts

The Nephalem Rifts is one of Diablo 3’s most popular spots for farming, as it is one of the best, if not the best place to farm for legendary items, as it offers a 100% increased chance to drop them, and is then multiplied by what difficulty you are in.

Avoid Trash Mobs

By this, we don’t mean avoiding them altogether, as there are times when you really have to confront these pesky little nuisances. What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t waste too much time and focus on them. This is much truer when you’re in Nephalem Rift, as the time you can spend in it runs out as you kill monsters.

diablo 3 items hunting

Always Better With Friends

Telling you to ask your friends to tag along seems like a cliché and awfully generic advice that should already common sense, but it’s true and practical. After all, the more you are, the faster you’ll be able to clear content. In addition, by partying with your friends, you get the Strength in Numbers buff, and you can trade legendaries with each other, so you can scratch their back as you scratch theirs.

Splitting Bounties

When you’re farming for bounties, it’s best that you go with a group, and each member should part ways and accomplish a bounty individually. This way, you can cover a lot of progress and gain more rewards in a shorter period of time.

Stick to Your Level

It’s true that greater difficulty yields better rewards. However, don’t go to a difficulty that you cannot handle with ease, as it will also slow down your farming progress. In addition, doing so will force you to repair your gear more, which in turn will cost you more gold. A good measure to find out whether you’re in the right difficulty would be the trash mobs. If you can one-shot them, then you’re fine.

With these tips, you can farm loads of Diablo 3 items and currency quickly and efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out yourself.


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