[Act 2] How to Defeat the Lord of Lies for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

Can’t figure out how to finish Act 2 because you can’t defeat the infamous Lord of Lies? Don’t worry; we’ve got a guide for you Diablo 3 items collectors! Belial appears during the final quest on the second act, and the fight is divided into three phases. It starts immediately after entering the Imperial Palace, shortly after a cutscene. Being an Act boss, killing Belial is necessary for the storyline to progress. Find out more in the article below.

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The Lord of Lies: An Overview for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

You will eventually discover the true identity of the Lord of Lies, Belial—but, hey, no surprise there. Anyway, the fight against Belial is divided into three stages. Stage 1 is really easy and involves Belial’s minions, which you’ll have to wipe out first. During Stage 2, Belial enters the fight because he’s bored and missing out on all the action. He’ll appear to be in his mortal form, so it shouldn’t take too much effort to defeat him. For the final stage, Belial will reveal himself in his Lord of Hell form. The whole fighting area will turn into some sort of alternate greenish dimension. In this stage, Belial will be able to dish out massive amounts of damage with swipe and area-wide attacks. Belial’s green multi-meteor shower attack is especially daunting and powerful, so don’t take this stage lightly. One wrong move can kill you before you know it.

Before heading off to the boss location, ensure that you have the proper gear and the necessary D3 items in your inventory. A lot of players make the mistake of jumping right into battle before preparing, after all.

Belial’s Minions + Belial’s Mortal Form for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

PHASE 1: Belial will summon a large, but limited amount of Veiled Sentinels and Veiled Evokers to challenge you. Don’t be threatened; they’re quite easy to wipe out as long as you can time your evades when they vanish and re-appear though their Snakeman ability.

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PHASE 2: Basically, Belial’s attempt to provoke you some more by joining in the fray. During this phase though, he has little health (you know, for a boss). He’s still got some Snakemen spawning all over the place. They won’t overwhelm you as long as you do the same thing you did during Phase 1. Consider these Snakemen as fountains of health globes, since they drop generous amounts of them. Heal up while taking note of Belial’s abilities in Phase 2:

  • Fly Swarms–Belial launches three fast-moving swarms of insects along the ground at medium range, which pierce through enemies and deal average damage.
  • Melee Attack – Belial has a basic melee attack in this phase that hits for low Physical damage.
  • Reinforcements – Belial will call in more Snakemen to aid in defeating you, but at much slower rate than he did in Phase 1. Any remaining Snakemen will all die when Phase 3 is initiated, so it is advised to focus on Belial instead.

You will anger Belial eventually, and he’ll morph into his true demonic form. You’ll know you’re onto Phase 3 once he announces his rather catchy line:

“I cast off these petty illusions! Behold, the true vision of the Lord of Hell!”

Phase 3: Defeating the Lord of Lies for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

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Now, the final phase is no laughing matter. It’s a series of running around in a limited area because everything in it is actually part of Belial. Additionally, Belial will gain full (and greatly increased) life, is immobile, has become incredibly large (he occupies the entire inner edge of the platform), and will drop health globes every time he suffers about 10% damage. He also has a new set of normal abilities that deal heavier damage:

  • Fist Slam – A green ring appears on the ground where Belial is about to strike. Glass cannon heroes have a brief moment to run out of the area, but be careful as the exact area being hit is slightly larger than its visual. There are some variations of this; he can slam once with either limb, or three times in a row, with each subsequent hit having a larger area of effect. After the 3-strike combo, he drops a health globe for you (because Belial is actually a nice guy like that).
  • Meteor Strike – If Belial survives in battle for 50 seconds, he will gnash both of his limbs into the ground of the throne room for roughly 15 seconds. During this, small green rings will show up randomly all over the arena. After two seconds, each ring explodes for high Lightning damage. This is by far the most dangerous of his attacks, as two consecutive hits can potentially KO you.
  • Breath – Belial will breathe lightning from one end of the arena to the other, hitting for average damage. It can be avoided by standing very close to either the left or right end of the platform.

Note that he’s immune to nearly all forms of control impairment—don’t even try. You can only directly damage him. Quick movement and / or high Lightning Resistance, coupled with high Vitality, is the key to surviving Belial’s Meteor Strike, so focus on survival rather than dealing damage while this attack lasts. Only a fully equipped tank could hope to survive a full onslaught. Glass cannons, when careless, can easily die instantly here.

Once you defeat Belial, he will reward you with Diablo 3 Legendary items and other Unique / Rare drops, loot, and a generous amount of gold. This will conclude Act 2, and you are now ready to continue to Act 3.

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