Let’s Play Diablo 3 – Act 2 Part 7 for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

The next thing to do on Diablo 3 is a short quest called Blood and SandFor this quest, you will have to retrieve Zoltun Kulle’s blood. Find out more about this quest for your Diablo 3 items collectors in the article below.

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Blood and Sand Quest for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

Shortly after doing the previous quest, take the waypoint from the Hidden Camp to the Dahlgur Oasis. The exit from the Oasis to the Waterway is at the very top of the map. As you exit the area, you will encounter a superunique Deceiver, Ssthrass. He’ll summon a few Doom Vipers as you fight, but they shouldn’t pose much of a threat. Continue on to the Ancient Waterway until Kulle appears for a short dialogue. Enter the Ancient Waterway and you will see Emperor Hakan II, who will give you instructions to pull a couple of flow control levers. Head through the doorway to the Western Channel. Watch out for the Hunter’s Journal when you get down there as it is required for the Eavesdropper achievement. There will also be a satchel down here containing Part 1 of The Desert Aqueducts required for the Historian of Caldeum achievement. In this level, you might face one rare monster who may drop Diablo 3 Legendary items, so explore the area thoroughly for it. Other than that, there are standard Fallen, Accursed, Vile Swarm, and Skeletons that you can kill.

The Western and Eastern Flow Control for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

Find the exit for the Western Flow Control. The area is just a platform that contains a lever which you now pull to open a stairway down to the Eastern Channel. This channel has the same make-up as the Western. Look out for another satchel for the second part of The Desert Aqueducts. Locate the exit to the Eastern Flow Control where you’ll find a lever again that you need to pull to open a stairway back down to the Ancient Waterway where you saw Emperor Hakan II. Here, you will find an exit to the Waterlogged Passage.

Covetous Shen for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

You will come across a barrel with a person named Covetous Shen is imprisoned in. Do not break him out of the barrel immediately. Let him finish his dialogue, and after he’s done talking, free him from the barrel. For this, you will earn the achievement Big Trouble in Talking Barrel. Once it is broken, he will accompany you to the Hidden Aqueducts, where you need to help him find the Crucible, an item that allows him to combine fragments of jewels. You’ll come across his Plagued assistant, Gavin the Thief. Take him down and after he’s dead, collect the Crucible. Covetous will now return to the Hidden Camp to join your Caravan.

Kulle’s Blood for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

You take off to the Ancient Path which is a little zone that prompts the Desolate Sands. Look out for Traveler’s Pouches on the ground as they contain passages of On the Desolate Sands, required for the Historian of Caldeum achievement. Search for Envoy of Belial carcasses as they will contain sections to Deceivers’ Orders required for the Eavesdropper achievement. You may come across skeletal remains on the east perimeter of the level which will yield the Crumbling Journal required for the Judge of Character achievement.

Get Kulle’s blood from two sections: the Vault of the Assassin and the Cave of the Betrayer Level 2. After that, head back to town, speak with Adria, and continue on the Black Soulstone quest. Before doing the next quest, sell any extra D3 items you looted from the level that you don’t need for additional gold.

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