Diablo 3 Items for the Sacred Warriors

Monks are the sacred warriors who channels divine power. Healing waves, mantras of protection and attacks empowered with holy powers are the abilities excelled by the Monks. Skilled monks deliver their powerful blows to enemies with armed or unarmed arms. Featuring the monks; for Diablo 3 items collecting.

monk for diablo 3 items

Diablo 3 items hunting with Monks Holy Might

The monk’s core fantasy is to be fast and agile. They stand in contrast to the heavier Barbarian and Crusader classes. Monks skills mostly incorporated with physical, holy, fire and lightning attack damage but its core is the monk is focused on mobility. Just like in Diablo 2, monks have similar gameplay elements to the paladin and assassins.

Diablo 3 items for Monks

Diablo 3 items for monks are the following weapons. First is the Daibo, it is a class-specific type of staves for the Monk. They are significantly faster than most other two-handed weapons. This weapon has addition to stats that all weapons can roll. It can also increase the damage of monk skills, spirit regeneration and life per spirit spent and maximum spirit. Daibo can be transformed into Staves, Two-handed Axes and Two-handed maces, but only monks can do the other way.

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