In-Game Diablo 3 gold spam, can you handle this?

In-Game spamming is turning out to be a major problem for every Diablo 3 gold player. Every day I log in, I’ve always got random spam friend request and it is very annoying. A huge number of accounts made by spamming URLs to help those precious Diablo 3 gold farming by using friend request.

Diablo 3 gold spam request


What to do with Diablo 3 gold chat spam

According to the game publisher Blizzard, it is still possible to get rid of this in-game spam completely and they are trying to fix this issue. But since spammers are continuously evolving and increasing in numbers, they will still use the “Friend Request” in Diablo game to farm gold. Farming for Diablo 3 Gold inside the game is not really hard to do. The common ways for players is the multi-shot skill of a Demon Hunter character. Every quick damage for a huge number of enemies comes with lots of resource or gold. You can also clear every caves and scavengers de, (don’t skip it!) you’ll get surprise with the results.


Keep in mind that if a spam link was opened or clicked, these things may happen, stolen passwords, lost accounts, unsecured trade of Diablo 3 gold from your character to another or the worst, deleted characters.

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