Pots of Gold – Getting your Diablo 3 Gold Easy and Early

Let’s face it; a lot of the time you will be spending in Diablo 3 will be used to farm gold. This task becomes an ordeal as you get to the higher difficulties. Of course you can just buy your Diablo 3 gold from other players, but why spend when you get it yourself. Read on for a guide.


Diablo 3 gold in the royal crypts


Dress up for your Diablo 3 gold

One of the reasons why farming for gold at higher levels becomes hard is because of the gear. To gather gold effectively, you will want to deck your character in equipment with Gold Find bonuses. Unfortunately, while this makes it easier to find Diablo 3 gold, it will also make your character easier to kill. The solution is simple, don’t fight monsters. You probably think this guide is nuts, but wait there’s more.

Break all the things! Loot all the Diablo 3 gold

What most people neglect is the fact that monsters are not the only

things that drop gold. Any breakable object in the game has a chance to drop Diablo 3 gold. One good area to take advantage of this is the Royal Crypts in Act I while on the quest “Sword of the Stranger.” Just run through the level breaking anything you can while avoiding monsters. When you reach the summoning chamber, you can return to town and enjoy your gold. Or better, you can leave the game, resume it, then do it all over again.

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